INTRO — The Mid-Hudson Woodcarvers Guild in Monroe, New York meets weekly to promote the art of woodcarving to the next generation.
THE CHALLENGE — To create a short explainer video highlighting the technical, social, and therapeutic benefits of being in a Woodcarver's Guild. The goal was to ultimately attract new members to the Guild.
THE PLAN — Interview Bob Breur, the head of the Guild, at their headquarters in Museum Village, and film other members of the Guild as they work on personal projects. It was important to highlight the benefits wood carving provides. Very little prompting was required, as Breur's genuine passion for wood carving shines through. 

INTRO — In June of 2017, I traveled to the Caribbean island of Bonaire to test out and review the new Panasonic GH5 with the Ikelite underwater housing for

THE CHALLENGE — Create a short video highlighting the video capabilities of the Panasonic GH5 with the Ikelite underwater housing to share with readers of 

THE PLAN — Film various underwater subjects at different settings. 

INTRO — Born in Sicily, Frank Montalto immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 18. Escaping city life on the weekends, Montalto made his way to a sleepy lakeside town an hour and a half from Manhattan. In the forests nearby he learned to hunt—something he had watched his father do as a young boy. But through the years his passion for hunting evolved into a strong desire to simply be out in nature.

THE CHALLENGE — To create a short film highlighting Montalto's unique story for his children and grandchildren. 

THE PLAN —  Not everyone has the opportunity to leave behind a piece of them and what they love. To create this short bio I worked with Montalto to at his home in Greenwood Lake, NY, as well as in the neighboring woods. Our strategy was to share his passion of hunting and the outdoors without actually seeing the act of hunting itself. Because ultimately, as he describes, it makes no difference whether he is successful in the hunt. His true passion is in the escape that nature provides.

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